an ordinary girl in a fantasy world

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As expected, I couldn't finish this portrait today. Maru-chan, gomen ne. It's all because of my laziness. And I distracted on eito's video much ;_; I'm very sensitive and I almost cried watching Snow White SCP performance. They are so wonderful, I love them ;_; I wanted to watch Puzzle tour, but it is on DVD and I'm too lazy to find it. Baka onna. Aaah, when I think about eito, there is only one word in my head - "love". Yeah, I'm strange. But it's all eito's fault. They just can't be so adorable!!

I've just watched the movie "Jumper" with Hayden Christensen. And I can say that idea of teleportation is good. And Hayden is so beautiful <3 Even if he lost his youth's charm that he had in Star Wars Attack of the Clones, he is still beautiful and charming. And I cried again empathizing his character. I'm truly hopeless

Sometimes I wanna fall asleep forever, because only in dreams I can be on other planets, in other worlds and even other person. My dreams almost always alarming but interesting. I love life of that other "me"


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